Frequently Asked Questions

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1 : Is Canalovershop Legit?

Yes, Canalovershop is the most reliable online medical marijuana vendor, plug and supplier of the moment. You can count on us. We treat our costomers like we are on big team and as long as you always carry through with your own end of the deal smoothly, you'll always get the best from us in terms of price and quality.

2 : Where can you ship to?

We can ship everywhere in the US, Canada, Australia and Europe, (We literally mean EVERYWHERE) if you are in Asia, contact us with your Country and City, we will tell you if we can ship to your location.


  1. US: Same Day, Overnight, 2 to 3days Delivery Options.
  2. Canada: Same Day, Overnight, 2 days Delivery Options.
  3. Australia: 3 Days Delivery.
  4. Europe: 3 to 5 Days, same day for some parts of the UK and Centre Europe

3 : Do you accept meet up and greet?

We do not accept to meet and greet with first-time customers. We can only meet up with returning customers with a good history of successful purchase as well as good conduct. Please do not try to insist otherwise.

4 : Do i need a license to purchase?

No, you do not need any license or paperwork to get a package. We are on a mission to make medical marijuana available for everyone who needs to it but cannot go through the tedious procedures of getting a license. Nevertheless, we have a set of rules that ensure safety and only serious customers are going be to deal.

5 : Must i contact you before placing an order?

No, not necessarily. We are nicknamed the Weed ATM because we the quickest and easiest place where you can get weed without any questioning. Except you have additional questions, you can place and complete your order without saying a word. W will fulfill all orders. In fact ,we prefer fulfilling orders without saying a word to each other.

6 : Why did Canalovershop reject my order and refund my payment?

We reserve the right to reject any order if we deem it suspicious. Do not worry, we always refund every order that is rejected. The reason why an order is rejected and refunded is:

  1. If the customer disrespects our staff and uses foul languages
  2. If we deem the customer cannot handle the transaction discreetly.
  3. If the customers shows proof of a lack of experience in the cannabis field.
  4. If the customers is just playing around and does not take the business seriously.
  5. If the customers is not acting in good faith.
  6. If the customers has once tried to trick the payment system.
  7. For a successful order, keep everything straight, simple, and smooth.

7 : Why is my Order Rejected Even Before I place it?

If you cannot submit an order on, then you have been banned from using our services. There are many reason why customers are prohibited. Most of the time is the failure to complete the payment within ideal time frame which is the same day as the order was submitted. Always sumbit your order when ready. When you submit an order, was save the package for you awaiting payment , in cases limited supply, this makes the product scarce for another customer who probably needs it more. If this act is tolerated then it will greatly disrupt the system in the long run.

8 : Why do canalovershop Prohibit Customers in the First Place?

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9 : How do i contact you?

IF your in US or Canada,
The best way to contact us via Text Messages (No Calls, always text first) See the phone number on the contact page.
If you are in other location, the best way to contact us is via (Live Chat, Email or Private Messages) to Wickrs ID: comesmoke Telegram: @brooksdave
Nonetheless, always follow the information present on the contact page.

10 : If i place an order, will i get into trouble??

No, you will not get into any trouble placing an order with We have put every measure in place to ensure safety and discretion for all customers. We've been in the cannabis industry for a long time, we started small and then grow big. We have a couple of dispensaries, retailers and patients deppending on us. We know the importance of marijuana so we cannot play games with it.

11 : Do you issue refund?

Yes, we do issue refund or replace a missing package, go to our contact us page to complain about any.

12 : Do i need a medical marijuana cards or license to place an order?

You do not necessarily need a medical marijuana card or a license to place an order with us. Nonetheless, we will have to ask you some simple questions before we deal with you. This is to eliminate all customers on acting in good faith from dealing with us. The marijuana community is driven by peace and love to we ask for mutual respect.

13 : How long has Canalovershop been in business?

Canalovershop has been for over 17 years. We have been serving dispensaries, patients, delivery services and brokers long before our online presence. To know more about us, visit our About Page.

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